Field Hockey Academy System E-1 (E-book) English version


Age category:                           8 – 9 years
Number of weeks of training material:     30 weeks (2 training sessions per week)

The complete hockey training program!

Every trainer program is based on the fact that trainers put together their own training. This is in contrast to educational institutions that have been working for decades with clear methods written and published by others.

Such a method is now also for Hockey!

The Field Hockey Academy System!
Is a complete and systematically structured training program, based on more than 30 years of hockey know-how at all levels and all categories.

You no longer have to devise or deregister training courses, you do not have to purchase expensive training plans or download training courses from the internet. Everything is in this practical e-book that you can take with you everywhere.

The trainer no longer needs to focus on the form or organization of a training, but can focus entirely on content, execution and intensity.