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 Welcome at the Field Hockey Academy.
Field hockey is the most difficult individual sport.
Players need to have very good individual technical and tactical skills to become a good team player.
Therefore the basis of our education philosophy is: ‘skills first, tactics later’
Based upon this philosophy Field Hockey Academy offers you a complete NEW SCHOOL hockey education program.
We hope we can achieve a change in the way coaches and educators think about hockey education so we can give our kids the freedom back
to develop into creative, strong and confident players.

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For years, for decades, coaches, parents and others have brainlessly copy pasted OLD SHCOOL coaching philosophy. OLD SCHOOL coaching habits that are very hard to change. Whenever an adventurous player start dribbling and loses the ball to an opponent it is told to PASS the ball… From the very start we are extremely busy limiting our kids.

Just remember, if we don’t give the kids the freedom to be adventurous they will never come up with something original.

A simple question however gives the NEW SCHOOL answer:

Which options a player on the ball have?

1. dribble into free space 2. pass the ball 3. go for a 1V1

Isn’t any choice they make a good choice..?


For years we though hockey is a passing game. However, the truth is hockey is a running game. Any choice a player on the ball makes comes from controlling the ball first, move into free space and perhaps find a better option. When there is no pass option the player needs to be able to come up with some other solution. Hockey education is individual.

To be able to keep ball possession you need the skills, you need to be strong on the ball. However from the very start coaches have drilled their players to pass the ball, killing every creativity, their ability to choose and ruining their technical basis. Obviously learning to choose is as important for the player on the ball as for the team mates without the ball.

The same goes for defending.

In any game possession is 50% and defense is 50%. How about the percentage we spend on defending on training..? Poor individual defense means poor team defense. So please stop talking any press if your players are unable to defend a 1V1 individually.

Field Hockey Academy helps you educate your players to become skillful players that are ready to go into team tactics. We can produce good players, top players have the special talents. In a team we need them both.


Interview - Norbert Nederlof

– What is your current hockey position?

“At the moment I am Performance Manager at LOHC Leiden in Holland and Head coach of Croatia men. Last summer (2019) Croatia won the final of the division III European Championships moving us into European Division II. I am very much looking forward to the EC Division II in 2021. In January this year I was appointed again as lead mentor for the EHF Coaching Committee.”

– Busy enough… so why Field Hockey Academy?

“In the past decades I have developed my own vision on hockey education that i like to share with the hockey world.”

– Please explain?

“Well i wondered why we still have so little creative players in hockey. I discovered this is due to OLD SCHOOL thinking and the way of educating kids worldwide. Educating players obviously is individual, but coaches all over the world make the classical mistake to coach their players as team players from the very start.”

– Well they are?

“Certainly, but a team is as weak as its weakest link. Team tactics stop when players are unable to keep possession and can’t properly defend individually.”

– So?

“It means players need to become strong and confident on the ball and need to be able to defend a 1V1. Only when that is on a proper level they can become team players with the right skills to make their choices in a game situation.”

– Which role does FHA have?

“As you may know I am very critical about hockey education worldwide. Too soon the focus is about tactics. Every question I get is about tactics, never about skills. There is no education system in the world that pays proper attention to technical skills. This is the responsibility FHA likes to take.”

– How?

“Through our FHA System (available in our webshop), by posting tutorials, game analyses, developing an E-learning environment and by regularly publishing E-books.”


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